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Monday, December 19, 2016

"It Was A Machine - But Acted Like An Animal"

Hello and welcome back to one of the most visited of my state UFO blogging series on Blogspot. As you can see from the MUFON submitted case below - an articulate description of ...who knows what...but sounds a lot like many other Orb descriptions when they come this close to humans. 
red is my emphasis
Long Description of Sighting Report
At about 11:45 in the evening on June 17 2016 I went out on my back deck to have a cigarette I was only out there for a few minutes when I saw a blue blur from the corner of my eye and thought it was a transformer box blowing up but there was no sound so I rubbed my eyes thinking ok I'm just seeing things then it began ( from what it looked like from where I was sitting)rising up from the trees first I saw the blue lights then the red and I thought a plane was going to crash but it made no sound and it didn't crash but it kept coming towards where I was... I couldn't actually see a craft only the lights but the lights were large maybe larger than a basket ball and there was no point of light such as an element but more like a glass ball filled with glowing gas I couldn't really tell with the red lights but this is the way the blue lights appeared to me...I was excited and scared and called for my kids to come look but by the time they got to me it had gone, my youngest son may have seen the last twinkle of light from it but we also have firefly's so I would have to discount that.. My son was scared and asked me to come inside so I did....I came in and got my keys and went looking for it ...but nothing was to be found...and that is pretty much it... I feel perplexed I want to know what this was.... I will note that although we live in a normal quiet neighborhood on a foothill of lookout mountain I have noticed military once maybe twice a year bring all there big trucks and in full gear on my street and I tried to find out if there was a military installation of some sort on my street but couldn't find anything... and one more thing it is probably nothing but it was only when I started calling for my kids that it backed back up and disappeared.. The feeling I got from this was that it seemed to react to me calling the kids... It was a machine but acted like an animal ...odd... thank you for your time.... I do have my Ipad on a constant charge now so if ANYTHING like this happens again I can make every effort to catch it 

Thanks for your readership and inquisitive mind.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Centre Alabama Man Claims Childhood Alien Abduction And Alien Faces On Mark From Event - With Pictures

This is the third state I've blogged in the State UFO series about searching for the label `alien/entity' in MUFON reports - this time for Alabama in 2015 - and only 2 reports came up - one totally useless and one... well.... read up below... as I said, it comes with pictures. Submitted February 1st.

Oh... Here's the worthless `entity' link - a movie set?

The Centre Alabama Alien Report To MUFON
Long Description of Sighting Report
I experienced a childhood alien abduction. (I am 37 years old now.) It's not something that I have wished to talk about, just because of the stigma attached to it. But something began happening recently that has forced me to confront the uncomfortable reality. Let me back up a bit. Shortly after my childhood abduction, I noticed a mysterious, oval-shaped mark on my lower left leg, right above my ankle. It is purple and the outer edges look very much like a laser burn. I didn't really make a connection between the mark and my abduction at the time. I just figured that it would eventually go away. But here I am, more than twenty years later, and not only has it not gone away, but it has never even faded with the passage of time. It is as fresh today as it was when it first appeared all those years ago. It is located on a part of my leg that is not easy for me to look at. However, recently I began taking close-up photographs of the mark and really looking at it. I was not prepared for what I discovered. I saw very distinct alien faces in the center of this inexplicable mark. They are not the stereotypical alien images. And they are somehow changing. In fact, to date, a new face appears just about every day. There is a white material inside the oval-shaped mark and it is this white film that is somehow morphing into these different alien "portraits". I have even captured video of the process taking place, in between the transition of faces. Since I have decided to go public with my story, UFOs have been appearing outside my house on an almost nightly basis. Of course, in addition to the photos, I still have the physical mark on my leg for anyone to see in person who wishes to do so. I am sending you the photos for you to review and analyze. I am open to any and every kind of expert examination in order to verify that this is a real phenomenon. Thank you for your time and God bless. 

So, despite a childhood alien abduction.... NOT ONE WORD about the physical description of the beings. I have a feeling you might be less than impressed with the pictures... two of which I bring you out of about 8 submitted.

Alien Images Within Scar

Image Two
I'm afraid to say my imagination fails me on both of these. 
Sorry folks... nothing to see here... move along.
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